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The LECNA Fellows Program

The LECNA Fellows Program is a year-long leadership development experience organized around vocation and calling, sustainable leader development, and visionary organizational leadership designed to equip the next generation of leaders for Lutheran higher education, congregations, and church agencies. The program includes three intensive retreats that are the foundation for a webinar series and eight hours of individual executive coaching. Fellows put what they learn into practice by developing a personal integrated leader model and completing a visionary leadership project within their current organization, role, and context.


Who We are

The Lutheran Education Conference in North America, a pan-Lutheran organization comprising the colleges and universities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, is able to offer this service to the church through the generous support of the ELCA, the LCMS, and the Kern Family Foundation.

Who We Are

Program Foundations

The foundation for the Fellows experience is Martin Luther’s doctrine of vocation and calling. Fellows are challenged to reflect on their personal calling, strengths, and values as they develop a personal integrated leader model. Participants explore the principles and practices of visionary organizational leadership, a perspective that focuses on the vocational calling of their institution or congregation. This includes an exploration of economics, entrepreneurial thinking, human flourishing, and community service.

Program Foundations
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A Recordof Success

A Record of Success

This new offering builds on nearly two decades of successful senior leadership development for Lutheran college and universities. Since 2001, the LECNA Fellows (formerly Thrivent Fellows) Program for Higher Education has served over 200 emerging and accomplished leaders; 18 are currently serving (or have served)as presidents and CEOs, 27 as vice presidents, and 28 as deans or directors. Two former Fellows are currently ELCA synodical bishops.

Video Webinars
Mission-Minded Innovation

Bernard Bull asks: What are  What are the greatest challenges in your organization? What are the areas in your organization where solutions have been tried over and over, but will little to no success?
What are the problems (or possibilities) about which you are most passionate? 

Video Webinars
Experiments in Higher Education

How can we nurture a growing sense of competence and confidence in learners so that they step up to the challenges of their time, and stand up for their deepest convictions in the modern world?

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