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Cohort News & Updates

Bill Robinson, author of Leading From the Middle, talked recently about via webinar. The webinar along with the featured presentation is available here and below. Highly recommended viewing!

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Virtual Mid-year retreat schedule

This is the current schedule for the upcoming retreat and email detailing expectations for the schedule.

First, we want to thank you for your response to our request for additional ideas on what we should cover in the last half of the program. Based on those suggestions we made several improvements to the schedule which are outlined below. Attached is a document with the changes to the virtual mid-year retreat.  All virtual events will be recorded.

We have added a webinar session on leading from the middle. Please note that the webinar date has changed to January 18, 2022 at 12 noon cst. The other study group meetings have shifted to the later slots. The speaker will be Dr. William (Bill) Robinson, president emeritus of Whitworth University. You can find his bio here: You may want to get a copy of his book “Leading from the Middle” which is available at Amazon. He wrote “Incarnate Leadership” , another great read. We will ensure that you have time to ask questions.  For example, one of your cohort members asked about how to approach becoming a supervisor to those who have been your colleagues.

The start time for the virtual mid-year has shifted. We will now start at 9:30 am cst.  We adjusted the schedule so that folks on the west coast are not starting as early. Please see the complete schedule in the attachment.

One of the members of your cohort asked the following: Since this is the last run for the four of you, will we have the opportunity to learn what you all see as the most important lessons to pass on to our cohort. In short, "if I only have one more chance to import my wisdom on a LECNA cohort, I'd like them to know...."   The staff will address this question in place of our usual “commencement speech.”

We look forward to seeing you again at the mid-year retreat.


All the best this Christmas and holiday season!!!!     


The LECNA Fellows Staff

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This a highly encouraged reading list! Can also be found in your references section!

LECNA recently concluded it's January retreat! What an amazing cohort this has become. This class size has brought a level of participation and enthusiasm that has been a tremendous experience for our coaches! Thank you! If you would like to review the virtual retreat, you can click the link here or below.

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