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Notes From The Garrison 8: Strengths

For a short while it seemed like we passed the “peak in the curve” for COVID-19 but we are almost back to the beginning; we continue our Notes From The Garrison.

One of the pillars of the LECNA Fellows program is sustainable leader development. Sustainable leader development is viewed as an ongoing process of formation and capacity building. Adaptability, integration, and resilience are at the core of sustainable leader development.

During the program Fellows develop an Integrated Leader Model that is based on adaptability, integration and resilience and supported by their calling, values, strengths, and skills.

Playing to our strengths is a path to excellence as we learn about strengths and grow them through knowledge, experience, and practice. A great paper to review your strengths is titled “How To Play To Your Strengths” found in the Harvard Business Review. You can access it here.

The authors describe the RBS (Reflective Best Self process). It uses four steps providing a systematic method to reflect on your strengths. Please take the time to review this article and as the authors say, “get past the good enough bar”.

The staff of the LECNA Fellows program continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you grapple with the pandemic and its implications. Adaptability, integration, and resilience are essential for you to lead.

Quote for the day from Diana: “Resilience--the capacity of a system, enterprise, or individual to maintain core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.”

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