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Notes From The Garrison 7: Juneteenth-- June 19, 2020

Juneteenth celebrates the day in 1865 when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston Texas and announced the end of the Civil War and slavery. It was a significant time in the history of the southwest and our country, and there is still much to do to realize the dreams of that day. The educational institutions within the Lutheran Education Conference of North America (LECNA) serve a remarkably diverse population of students. We must reach out and lead our communities in addressing inequality wherever and whenever we see it.

As a part of the work to lead our community, the LECNA Fellows Program added a section to the curriculum on intercultural competence. We continue to revise and develop it as we learn more about our society and institutions. Below are materials we are using that you might find helpful on your campus.

The first is a video done by the Rev. Dr. John Nunes president of Concordia College New York for the Kairos Network. In the video Rev. Dr. Nunes discusses his experiences in Lutheran education as a Black student and college president. Here is the link.

Here are several other resources we are using in our work on intercultural development. The first is a book by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi " How To Be An Antiracist". You can listen to his TED Talk where he discusses the book and how to build an anti-racist world here. Two other resources are books by Ijeoma Oluo “How To Talk About Race” and Joe R. Feagan "The White Racial Frame”. Finally, there was an article today in The Chronicle For Higher Education by Beth McMurtrie titled “Talking With Students About Racism”. You can find it here.

Our prayer on this Juneteenth Day is that we, individually and as institutions, recognize those times when we are called to intercede for others.

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