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Notes From The Garrison 6: Planning Resources 3

We found several additional great references for how LECNA educational institutions can adapt to our changed external environment.

The first is by Dr. Bernard Bull president of Goddard College and an alum of the Thrivent Fellows Program (now known as the LECNA Fellows Program). You may also remember Dr. Bull from our webinar series—he presents on innovation. The title of his article is “30+ COVID-Inspired Predictions About Education One Year From Today”. You can find the article here. In the article Dr. Bull addresses a wide range of issues and he is being challenged by some folks in the comment section. As always there are lots of other interesting and challenging ideas.

The second article, “What Students Want This Fall”, is from Inside Higher Education on Wednesday May 20, 2020. This is the first article we have seen where an organization has attempted to gather information from students about what they expect and want in the fall. Niche, a web site that reviews colleges for students, surveyed 10,000 students on 15 scenarios for the fall 2020 semester. You can find the article here or go to the Inside Higher

Third, from the CHE, “Does Dr. Fauci Think Colleges Should Reopen? “ You can read the article here.

Just found out about another resource: MaryAnn Anderson passed on an interesting discussion on how our society and churches can approach reopening. The conference is hosted by Rev. Ann M. Svennugsen, Bishop of the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA and the speaker is Dr. Michael Osterholm. Dr. Osterholm is a graduate of Luther College and is the Director for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. You can access the Zoom conference here.

We hope these articles will help you in your scenario planning for the fall—the LECNA Fellows Staff.

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