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Notes From The Garrison 4: Planning Resources

Updated: May 25, 2020

I am sure you are in the midst of looking at how your organization is going to respond

not just in the near term but also throughout the rest of this year and the next year. Below are a number of references I have come across that you may find useful. These come from a variety of sources that I track.

1. The Wall Street Journal weekend edition from April 28. The Review Section, pages C1 to C6, had several articles on what our future might look like.

2. The Harvard Business Review from April 15, 2020. “Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Coronavirus” by Alan Cantor.

3. The Harvard Business Review podcast and interview titled “Predictions for the New Normal” by Younme Moon, Felix Oberholer-Gee and Mihir Desai.

4. From Inside Higher Education, “How to Responsibly Reopen Colleges in the Fall”, by Claire Laprote and Leonard Cassuto.

5. The Chronicle of Higher Education has several upcoming virtual fora and newsletters that look at how other colleges are looking to the future.

Stay safe and well!!

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