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Calling and Vocation II

In our last blog post (which was way too long ago) I talked about a project that Rev. Ann Rosendale was doing at Augustana University (Sioux Falls) on calling and vocation. She asked a really important question--how do we view our vocation(s) as we grow from being a child, student, and adult to becoming a senior. Ann completed that project and sent a note to the LECNA staff on what she had done. From her email: " Over the last year I have created (along with a couple of wonderful colleagues at Augustana) a 14-episode podcast themed around vocation throughout the lifespan. The title of the podcast is "Calling All Years Good" and is based on the book of the same title by Kathleen Cahalan and Bonnie Miller-McLemore. I've interviewed people from age 3 to 83, hearing their stories and insights on calling. " I have listened to the interviews and they are fascinating!! Here is a link: If you are wondering about your vocation and calling, this is a great place to assist your discernment process.

Please send us your ideas and insights for the blog!!!

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