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Meetings--Love Them or Leave Them

Meetings are an incredibly important way to convey information, develop plans, and monitor important processes. Meetings can also be one of the most painful things we do. Over the last few weeks I found several articles that are really helpful in leading an effective meeting. The first is by Romy Newton and you can find it at: Her basic premise is that in order to run a successful meeting--getting something done or communicated-- you need to focus on the participants. The other article is by Rebecca Knight and you can find it at: Rebecca provides several principles, "Do's" and "Don'ts", for reading a room before and during a meeting.

Both of these authors argue that a successful meeting starts before the members even get together. Preparation, communication of the "why" and "objectives", and mapping out the flow of the meeting will give you the head start to putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

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