Meet The Team


The LECNA Fellows team is comprised of dedicated individuals with backgrounds of leadership and service.  

Dr. Loren Anderson



Dr. Anderson served for 20 years as president of Pacific Lutheran University(PLU) in Tacoma, WA.Throughout his career, leadership development has been aspecial focus as Dr. Anderson has recruited, hired and mentored countless able and rising leaders who have gone on to assumes major leadership positions. Dr. Anderson holds a B.A. degree from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN; an M.A. in speech from Michigan State University; and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in communication theory and research.

Dr. Tom Cedel



Dr. Cedel is a retired Air Force colonel and fighter pilot. His last assignment prior to retiring was in the Pentagon working for the Secretaryof Defense on strategy and requirements issues. After he retired from the military, Dr. Cedel was head of the Operations Analysis Department at Northrup Grumman-TASC, Inc. He then served as President of Concordia University Texas in Austin, TX from 2002 to 2014. Dr. Cedel is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Leadership at Valparaiso University.

Diana Gabriel

Senior Associate and Coach


Diana has been the Senior Program Associate for a year long leader development program, Thrivent Fellows, forthe past eleven years. Diana received her coach’s training and certification through The Coaches Training Institute, one of the world’s premiere coaching organizations. Diana is passionate about and focused onfour areas of service - Strengths Based leadership, Building Cultures of Trust, Building Resilience and Foundations.

MaryAnn Anderson



MaryAnn Anderson is a coach with a background in leadership and personal development in a variety of settings. Her coaching focuses on approaches that enable clients to declare and develop their significant commitments by building leadership presence, resilience and present moment awareness through conversations and practices.